Tuesday, April 21, 2020

This has been a long time coming! 

As we are all in the midst of the Covid 19 Pandemic, what better time to stop and contemplate our lives and our futures.

At the moment we really have no idea how much longer we will be basically confined to our homes, and just when can we step out and start our new lives in a very different environment.

Yes, it will be very different for quite some time, but that is ok, even if it is a little scary.  Change is good.
Unfortunately this change comes about from a lot of suffering, health wise, mental health and financially as well.
For some this has been or will be tragic in the way of lost Family, friends, co-workers and neighbors.
For some others it will be the loss of a job and financial stability.
It can be devastating, but we cannot let this destroy us, we have to pick up and carry on, we do not have any other choice.
This will be difficult, but together we can do this.

For now, lets take this time to learn, to grow to prepare for our new futures.

Let's take a breath, clear our heads and contemplate how we are going to Step out, Step up, and move on into our new world.

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